IMG_1241Highland Volunteer for Community Center (Highland English School) is a Start-Up Project set up by Nong Thi Nga – a teacher of an ethnic minority living in the rural mountainous Province of Ha Giang, in the northern part of Vietnam. She started the center after probing the educational needs of disadvantaged children.

Our current goal is to integrate; superior informal English courses and creative art activities together for impoverished children in Ha Giang Province. We believe that an exposure to the English language and understanding the Western culture will improve their capacities and build confidence to make a positive difference in their lives.

We do acknowledge that we have a great culture which took us years to create. We do not want to lose our culture and traditions to others, rather we would like to have a command of English to share our beautiful life style with the whole world. We strongly belief that the crowning of evolution is in being able to be happy and we do live this contentedness which we do not want to sacrifice for glittering prospective and envy to other cultures. We do our best but we only can do it with your help! You as an international volunteer, make our effort possible.