Be a volunteer


Highland Volunteer for Community Center is a free or low-cost social service for disadvantaged children in Ha Giang province, Vietnam. Our social work would not be able to run without kind international volunteers. We primarily need your pronunciation of English. We are always in need of skilled volunteers who can contribute positively to our teaching requirements. We promise you that as a volunteer you will get as much joy and benefits as the people and community you help.

The minimum time for the position is one month, preferably 2 or 3 months!

In order to join our project, please kindly follow these procedures:

• Step 1: We would appreciate a letter of recommendation from someone to tell us something about you even if it is a family member.

• Step 2: Send us your CV to [email protected] if you have one or in the absence of one tell us of your experience with kids and why do you believe you could volunteer.

• Step 3: We would like to speak with you online via Skype so we could learn more about you, such as your pronunciation of English.

• Step 4: Please give us one day to present you to our 4 member staff, and then we will contact you with a proposal of the classes you could be responsible of.

• Step 5: Confirm your flight and send us the flight information so that we can pick you up from the airport and take you to the bus terminal to catch a ‘Bed seat’ on the coach to Ha Giang which will take around 7 hours. Prepare your visa, luggage and leave everything else to us. (We will be sending you detailed information on how to apply for your Visa and how to proceed your trip to Ha Giang) You will receive a warm welcome in every school and class room you enter..

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