Phản hồi từ tình nguyện viên


Hello! My name is Anthony Zammit, an Australian – Maltese who came to Highland Centre to help out for two months. I am not certain what I expected but what I found was nothing but exceptional. I volunteered in Peru for many years and I felt that I needed a change and I thank Heavens for doing so because the people of Ha Giang are ‘Happiness Generating People’ Their inward peace and genuine happiness brushes off on you if you like it or not. It is something you have to experience yourself for it is indescribable! Walking down the road I am greeted with Hellos, people pass on their babies to hold and take photos of me with their babies. Each time I walk into a classroom I ask myself ‘What teaching am I going to leave behind’ During these 40m I have to impart something even if I manage to make them say six and not sick for number 6, or ‘I am 6 years old’ and not ‘I am six year old’ They are smart kids but have difficulty in pronunciation and this is where we come in.

I am overwhelmed to have had this experience in Highland Centre and after I close up my projects in Peru, I think I will return here and become a ‘Village Teacher’ where I will live in a Homestay, free lodging, free food, free friendship and genuine respect and gratitude from the community and be able to share their daily life like grazing with Water buffalo (although they were afraid of me).What a great retirement plan!