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Dong Van Karst Plateau is a place for truly nature lover

If you are a truly nature lover and plan to join our Highland Center to discover more and more primitive places in Viet nam, Dong Van Karst Plateau is a great choice because it is a present from God. It seems quite difficult to access but it worth the trip. Dong Van Karst Plateau Geo-park looks so wonderful with imposing stone which is considered as Ha long Bay on land. It became the first global Geo-park in Viet Nam, the second in Southeast Asia on 3/10/2010. Thank for that, Ha Giang and especially Dong Van karst Plateau attract a lot of domestic and foreign travellers.

From Ha Giang City, just ride on National Highway 4C for 43km to Quan Ba district where the starting point of the karst Plateau is located. 80 percent limestone and fossils of ancient creature species were formed from 400 – 600 million years ago by environment conditions. The wide range of mountains and high rocky ascents make the plateau become very majestic.

Up to now, the scientists have discovered 45 geomorphic heritages, 33 tectonic heritages and at least 13 fossil-geological formations with the oldest dates back 545 million years in the sediment stone stratums on Dong Van karst plateau Geo-park.

With Highland Center to the plateau, you can not only enrich your knowledge about the first global Geo-park in Vietnam but also learn more about the culture of different 17 ethnic minorities here.

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  1. David Pack

    Hello friends. It is so good to hear of your work. I have spent 7 years volunteering in Guatemala, but hope to make it your way. When is the dry season there? God bless, David

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