We would like to welcome volunteers who can be with us for at least two weeks, more if possible.

We offer:

• Free WIFI

• Free breakfast, lunch and dinner (delicious of course).

• Free accommodation when you stay at our home.

• Educational Excursions (Tourist) organized by our staff and also by you.

• Do your laundry in our laundry room.

Volunteers will live within the local community and become neighbors of many friendly and hospitable Vietnamese people living together as a big family.

There is also the possibility to live in Rural Homestay especially for short stay Backpackers Volunteers where you will certainly be woken up by a couple of roosters, accompanied with the ‘Good morning’ grunts and mumbles of the Water Buffalo domesticated in these small Town houses. The Ducks quacking in the nearby fields will do the chorus.

Those who select to live in Homestay will be able to teach English to the Town’s children and few adults who are too poor to travel to the center to get to the English classes. Helpers can also join many extra-curricular activities and cultural exchange events with the staff and students, such as day trips, weekend trips, local festivals or playing sports with local people. One can always have a look around and drink a cup of traditional tea and smoke the traditional tobacco with the local people. Plenty of delicious food options (aside from the fresh and delicious Vietnamese food provided for meals) restaurants are available only a short walk away. Trips to beautiful surrounding areas for all volunteers and staff can be planned, and could also be organized by the individual (between staff and volunteer, and elderly students) and also by the center to experience a new and mesmerizing culture. Be assured that you will have a wonderful experience with us. It’s a life-changing experience for everyone!

Sights & Sounds: gorgeous mountains of Ha Giang province in a short clip