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Internet access in Vietnam

Many international volunteers think that Vietnam is just a small country and it will be very difficult to access Internet in Vietnam. However, they are all wrong when coming to Vietnam.

Volunteering in Highland center, you can bring iPad , iphone and a net book and want to upload beautiful picture of the journey on Facebook, Twitter.., share your feeling when you arrive to any new destination, Skype with the kids, access bank and emails…so you really need Internet.

Today the Internet is widely available throughout towns and cities in Vietnam. You definitely won’t have problem getting wifi in big cities in Vietnam, even in the countryside. Some tourist destinations such as Hoi An city in Vietnam are covered with free wifi by local government because the cities’ leaders believe this would help attract more travelers.

All cafe restaurants in Vietnam provide wifi coverage for customers. All you need to pay is your drink which varies from $1 to $2.5. If the wi-fi is secured by passwords, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for it.

You might find it better to just phone home using a Vietnamese sim card. You can easily do everything on internet with 3G network in Vietnam. It’s quite fast. There are 3 3G network-major providers in Vietnam: Viettel, Mobiphone and Vinaphone. After buying a sim card, please sending a message to enable 3G network. The activating message forms are different, it’s up to each provider. You can buy the sim card right in the airport after you exit customs or you walk down the street to buy because they are very widely available in shops.

Travelling to Ha Giang means going to the far remote region in our country, but do not worry, we also have free wifi for you.

Now, it is the time for you to pack up your luggage, fly to Vietnam and stay with Highland Center. Access Internet nearly everywhere will make you feel like home because you can contact with your friends and family everywhere.

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