Our idea


Our idea is to give a hand to people of all ages and different careers to interrelate with modern challenges and changes by placing education within their reach and not like before ‘The forbidden Fruit’.

The main educational goal in Vietnam is improving people’s general knowledge, training quality human resources and nurturing and fostering talent.With one of the highest GDP growth rates in Asia, Vietnam is currently trying to overhaul its education system, with the importance of internationalizing the education system to maintain the rapid economic growth of the last two decades (Wikipedia). We have created a place where people can come together to acquire from you, generous volunteers a glimpse of the beauty of another language. We welcome kind-hearted volunteers from around the world who are caring and willing to give some time for our students.

Your participation is highly appreciated and be assured that our students will show you their gratitude with their smiles and their ‘Cám ơn’ . Sharing your professional skills and teaching talents, the volunteers with or without formal teaching experience can contribute greatly to increase our students’ possibilities to seize many wonderful opportunities. With hands on action, you can join us as a volunteer, supporter, and guest.