About us

timg_1332The development of Highland Volunteer for Community Center

My name is Nong Thi Nga, a lady belonging to an ethnic minority called Ngan in Ha Giang – ‘Hazan’ a Northern Province of Vietnam. I providentially graduated from university and became a teacher in my hometown some 20 years ago. Ha Giang, my hometown is well-known for its beautiful scenery. Well famous are the terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man, the caves in Quang Ba – Yen Minh and most remarkably the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark which the UNESCO recognized as one of the world’s natural heritage.

Despite having these great tourists attractions, they are not easily accessible; with no flight route nor train railway to connect our mountainous hometown with more developed cities. The local communities are still facing huge challenges in their everyday lives. One could say that “one step is one jump for us”. What makes our lives very hard is the hilly land we live in and yet they give us all we need.

This situation has always enticed my heart to find solutions to unburden the yolk from our dear student’s shoulders.

If you want to make a dynamic and justifiable transformation for yourself and the gorgeous students who need your meaningful help: If you want to experience a different routine and are ready for some accomplishment in your life, we propose to you the possibility to be a part of something genuine, to be valuable and to acquire something which few can give. We are opening our doors to you and invite you to join our team of self-motivated and genuine Volunteers! We are a new community-based organization, founded by Ms. Nong Thi Nga in 2013. We are located in the center of Ha Giang at 61 Ly Nhan Tong Street, Minh Khai district, Ha Giang and on Google Earth: 22°49’18.08″ N 104°59’06.81″ E. We have a Volunteer house equipped with all necessities which and was founded by international and Vietnamese social workers. We are growing with the support of many wonderful people in Vietnam and around the world.

Our objective is to cooperate with other community organizations, schools, and underprivileged children to provide them with free education with the participation of international and local volunteers.

Our aims are:

– To offer them English lessons and creative art to students and adults alike. We seek to give them the necessary tools to apprehend the language thus giving them self-confidence and to accommodate the ever growing flow of tourists in Ha Giang. (Jobs oriented English)

– To create stimulating familiarities for the volunteers to feel integrated with the “local people” and enjoy the daily life in Ha Giang.

YOU will love teaching and be pleased to work depending on your preferences and specialization.

TYPE OF HELP: you can choose:

– Teaching English in schools and make shift classes and/or,

– Help in Children with Special Needs home,

– Geo Farms and Homestay Communities and

– Hand-on-social activities.